Consistency is key, even in IMC

Consistency means to continually produce the same result, such as a chef consistently producing good food or a cashier providing consistently fast service. In Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), consistency takes on a different meaning.

An IMC plan uses different media, such as TV, radio, newspaper, online, outdoor, public relations, etc. to sell or inform customers of a product, service or charitable cause. A proper IMC plan will have the same look, message and intended audience across all of the different forms of media chosen for a particular campaign. This is the IMC definition of consistency.

Consistency helps your audience to recognize your company or brand. When a potential customer sees one of your ads, you want them to know immediately who you are. Having consistency in your IMC plan allows customers to recognize that a certain ad is for your company. It also makes a positive impression because it conveys professionalism, attention to detail and a sense of pride in your company.

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